Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I am going to be a Mummy!!!

I am on the 35th week of pregnancy now. And in a few weeks, the baby can come out at any time... Cuaknya.. huhu.. A bit scared but I know I have many people around me that will support me during the delivery (except my husband.. sobs sobs). This is our first child :)
35th weeks of pregnancy

Husband pergi mana? He has been working in Japan and it is almost two weeks already since you have departed to Japan. Rindu? Sapa cakap xrindu? To those people yang asik tanye rindu your husband tak? ok ke hidup tanpa husband? aishhh..  Mesti lah rindu... tapi.. life must goes on. layan je la.. so now we are actually experiencing long-distance relationship. wait for me dear. WE (me, baby and yah, your twin) will come to you this December. on your birthday.. yeay! InsyaAllah.

Hantar Arep kat KLIA
Arep kat Jepun.. 143

So siapa yang baca ni, doakan saya deliver baby dgn baik. semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.. thank you :)

Every night would be like this now. hee~


  1. take care, Anis. :)
    aku doakan kau and baby selamat insyaAllah.

  2. Semoga semuanya baik2 dan dipermudahkan Anis. ^_^