Saturday, May 5, 2012

new hobby

jeng jeng jeng.. can you all guess what is my new hobby?

yes.. something that is done outdoor...

yes.. adventurous..

that's fine.. I'll tell you.. it is CYCLING!!

And my first event of cycling is me accompanied by Kak Nadea, Sayyidah and others (8 guys) went to Genting   Sempah and return back IIUM. the distance that we have been cycling was about 46km. we did around 2 hours to Genting Sempah and an hour to return back to IIUM. As for me, the last 2km to Genting Sempah was the most challenging part. the day before, I did not get an enough sleep. so, i was almost going to faint. but luckily one of the guys give me some water and I did feel well again. I have got a new lesson on that day.. GET AN ENOUGH REST BEFORE YOU DO ANY EXERCISE. anyway, it was an enjoyable trip and I really hope I can do this kind of activities again..

the 3 tough girls.. =)

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