Monday, May 14, 2012

12/5/2012 & 13/5/2012


MUDS stands for Malakoff University Duathlete. it can be done by individual or relay team. it is a yearly event and consists of 3 series.. the first series for this year is at UM. i did not joined this first series because i did not have an enough training and i am also will be doing 21km run at 3am on the next day (pjdawn run). kak nadea joined both of the race. she is a very strong girl. I am proud to have a friend like her. hehe. =)

IIUM won a bronze medals by Fatin Nur Ain Ramli for individual women's university. congratulation to Ain.. Yeay.. so, let's take a look at our joyful pictures. 

All of us are Sungai PusuIAN.. 

congrates AIN!! =)

All of the participants

this is my second time joining 21km run. it is a bit frustrated because my performance was not improved at all as the first time I finished 21km run in 2 hours 54 minutes. at least, i finished the race and got the finisher's tshirt. =) it's ok Anis, next time you can try again and get your PB.

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