Friday, April 27, 2012

One day seminar on sports psychology


Date: 21st April 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 8 am – 4pm
Venue: Conference room, CAC, IIUM
Organizer: WE!! The whole class of sports psychology… yeay…
Alhamdulillah. This program runs well and it was a really great program. I also got an opportunity to meet a 'sports star' a.k.a chan and my old friends; Aiman Halim and Amirul Hafiz. There are actually my senior during secondary school and we became a close friend when we are at university as we often meet during any running events. Hey, Nadiah Sukarno is also one of my senior. But then we become best friend now because both of us have a similar hobby which is involving in outdoor activities.Other than that, I also had gained many new knowledge about sports' injury, sports' diet and also motivation in sport. Most of the information are very useful for me.
           It was a really fun task as we, the whole classmates, had to work as a team to make sure this seminar run well. In my sports psychology class, I think I am the youngest person as many of them were third year and forth year students. I am the only second year student. But it’s ok. I have my own reason why I took this course for this semester although it’s challenging for me to communicate with new people like them especially people who are older than me.
          In any organization, there must be a leader. And our leader for this event is Brother Haire. According to the text book, there are five main theories of leadership. They are trait theories, behavioural theories, situational theories, relational theories, transformational and also authentic leadership theories. From my observation of this event, I found out there are some who possess the leadership skill by nature and some of them gained the skill from previous experiences.
Having Bro. Haire as a program manager is a good decision because Loughead and Hardy (2005) suggested that peer leaders exhibits social support, positive feedback and democratic decision-making style. He also has a very clear vision and it is the key for our organizational success.
So, organizing this event was a pit start for me to start communicates with almost all of my sport psychology classmates. We are a team. According to Carron et. al., he defined team as “a collection of two or more individuals who possess a common identity, have common goals and objectives, share a common fate, exhibit structured patterns of interaction and modes of communication, hold common perceptions about group structures, are personally and instrumentally interdependent, reciprocate interpersonal attraction, and consider themselves to be a group.” Hence, based on the definition of team, I do think that my sports psychology classmates as a team because we have our goal to achieve which is to organize a one day seminar on sport psychology.
In any team, group cohesion is the most important factor that needs to be present. Cohesion means the bonds or "glue" between group members. There are four main factors that influence the cohesion in sport teams such as (a) environmental factors, (b) team factors, (c) leadership factors and (d) personal factors. Based on my experience, the most important factor is the personal factor. If I feel satisfy with the group, it will lead me to improve my relationship with the group.
Other than that, environmental factors also play some role in group cohesion. Proximity and moderate-sized group shows the greatest cohesiveness. In this event, I had three peoples that really have a close proximity to me and our group size is a moderate-sized group. As for team factors, in my opinion they must be balanced between formal roles and informal roles. If the team were very strict in formal roles, there maybe some of the group members will feel stress with it. Examples of people who occupy the formal roles for this event are program manager and head of every bureaus. Informal roles can be positive (eg: listen to others and understand them) or negative (eg: authoritarian: everyone must follow their instructions without consideration).
Other factors that are related with cohesiveness of a group are communication, stability, and performance outcome. What I have learned from this event is communication the most crucial thing in organizing an event. If there is some miscommunication, it will lead to distraction of the program progress. When a performance success such as gaining a big number of participant for this event within two days, it increases our cohesiveness or the closeness among the team. It can also works in the other way around which is cohesiveness contributes to performance success.
As a conclusion, the most effective ways to improve group cohesiveness is by having a team building. Team building means “team enhancement or team improvement for both task and social purposes”. I believe that when madam asked us to participate in the Ummatic run is because she wants us to have a team building session. Thank you madam. Thank you classmates aka seniors!!! =)

The participant

My old friends

My tag.. cool..

 ~I am not very good in writing but I have done my best in doing this reflection. =)

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