Friday, April 13, 2012

The Longest foreign badminton coach: Rexy Mainaky is going to quit..

After 7 years being a badminton coach for Malaysia's team, he at last resigned from his post because he want to accept a new challenge as the Philippines national coaching director.

“I have come to a stage where I wanted a new and fresh challenge.”
He denied that he was leaving for better financial terms.

“Russia had offered me even more – about US$12,000 a month but I did not take it up. Indonesia and England too have asked me to join them. The Philippines are paying about the same amount offered by Malaysia but I chose them because of the challenge,” he said.

Asked about his moments of joy and sorrow as a coach here, he chose to speak of only two major disappointments: “I promised Malaysians that I will produce a world and Olympic champion ... but I am disappointed that I was unable to achieve either.”

In my opinion, he quits Malaysian team because of his disappointment. Thus, he needs a new environment to make him become passionate again.
Even though our Malaysian team already had a really good coach, their performance are still below the par of what we hope them could achieve.. this means, it is not the coach fault but the player.

Source: - 13 April 2012

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