Friday, April 6, 2012

gooDbyE!! =(

16 years being with you,
such a long period,
we had created memorable
and unforgatable memories

you make myself stronger,
you make myself popular,
you make mysself a fighter,
I love you with all my heart

It's so hard to leave you,
cause you're in myu heart,
now and forever
but I had to say goodbye,
for the benefit of our future

goodbye, my dear
thank you for everything
for all you have given to me
i will never forget you FOREVER!!

goodbye, TAEKWONDO

there is many reasons that make me leave the taekwondo
the main reason is I could not stand getting injuerd everytime I participate in sparring tournament
below are some injuries that had effected my daily life
a) back injury - during 11 years old
b) fraction at right shoulder - during 14 years old
c) knee injury - during 18 years old

despite having these bitter experiences, I could not deny that the rest of the memories I have had was previous to me. ;)

cool man!!

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