Sunday, March 4, 2012

USC 2012

USC stands for University Sport Carnival. It's an annual event organised by Student Representative Council (SRC) IIUM to select athletes to represent the university at the inter university sports event or better known as MASUM. All mahallah will send their best man in the games listed below:
- Table tennis
- Tennis
- Handball
- Volleyball
- Futsal
- Basketball
- Track & field
- Chess
- Sepak Takraw
- Hockey

This year, I represented mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayubi in 2 games which are basketball and track & field. Alhamdulillah.. for basketball event, Salahuddin team managed to get 4th place and for track & field, I have bagged 3 medals for long jump, 400m n 4x400m.. I did not expect to win in the long jump event as the last time I played long jump is during 16 years old.. and now i'm 21 years old..

this year event teaches me many things especially about teamwork. for instance, in the basketball games, even though sometimes the reserves people will not get their chances to play, I think their support to the team gives a lot of impact to the main players. during our semi-final game, only 8 out of 12 players showed up for that game. I can actually sense that the other 4 reserved players feel frustrated for not having chance to play and that is why they did not come for that game.  finally, the whole team feel morally down because the missing of our teammates and also only few people came to support us.. =(

"the most effective punishment for athlete is taking of the their time to play." 
quoted by Dr. Hariyati

Another example is during 4x400 running event. I think the same people who run for 400m and 4x400m will run faster during 4x400m if to be compared to the 400m event. this is because for 4x400m event, we will try our best to let down our teammate and make our team win the game.

As for the conclusion, I really enjoyed sport psychology because it teaches me to understand many things about the sport.
salahuddin's sister

salahuddin's warriors

my basketball team

me ..=)

fuhh..he's surely very fast.. (the man in the middle)


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