Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok.. Before this I had discussed about the importance of teamwork and motivation in sport. Today, I am going to discuss about the importance of strategies in sport.

I forget which paper I had read that tell us about Terengganu's team that lost in Langkawi De Tour because their strategy failed due to accident. The strategy for this team was the main bikers would be assisted by the other two bikers in order to maintain their speed and give him moral support. Unfortunately, one bikers got into accident and left the main bikers alone cycling to the finishing line. Because there was no one who would pushed the main bikers, he got exhausted earlier before reaching the finishing line. If only the accident did not occur, there maybe a chance for this team to win in this event.

What I want to emphasize here is good strategies can make a team win a games. For the Terengganu team, they actually got the chance to win. However, we can only plan but Allah is the one who decide to make it done or not.

just wanna give some advice to all of you.
PLAN YOUR GAMES with your BEST strategies or techniques.

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