Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maslow's concept of self actualization

From fundamental need to psychological need to self actualization.

This opinion come from our group; Anis, Hanis, Gg, Atiqah & Aqmal. (group 2).

We support this theory if to respond to our lecturer's question which is
"does the Maslow's theory can affect a person's involvement and motivation in sport?"

We answered this question by relating with this example:

There are a few of university's student who join long distance running event without registering themselves into those event. In Bahasa we called it "lari hantu". They don't run because they want to win. they just run because they want to get the satisfaction of completing the running. The satisfaction here can be related to self actualization. But before they could reach to that level, they need to complete the first level which is the fundamental need such as transport, attire, running shoes & 'power bar'. Then they also need to complete the psychological need which are support form parent, friends, and lecturer, sense of belongingness to the running team etc. After completing both stages, then you can achieve self-actualization.

One of the reason they did 'lari hantu' is because they don't have enough money to pay for the registration fee. hehe.

That's all from us.. =)

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